Time or money invested in your garden’s soil always brings the best returns: healthy, vigorous plants and great harvests. And when you keep yard waste and kitchen scraps from the landfill you’re doubly rewarded. You can buy ready-made, organic compost to get a jump start. But it’s easy and inexpensive to make your own with the right materials and proper equipment. Pretty Handy Girl made a perfect guide for beginners. So what can be composted? Only raw fruits and veggies (and egg shell)…

Basic Rules to Learn How to Make Your Compost

Infographic on creating organic compost

Infographic: Making Organic Compost

To get you started on composting, check out the 5 simple steps on how to make your very own organic compost pile at http://homeandgardenamerica.com/start-an-organic-compost-pile

"Backyard composting is as easy as walking out to your yard on a summer's day". Pin our helpful composting infographic and start your own compost pile today. Composting Infographic: Its Easier Than You Think

4 Steps to make your own organic compost

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4 Steps to make your own organic compost Waste Management, the co. that picks up our trash, sent us a letter, telling us no compost pick up this summer.

Organic Composting 101 - Making Compost Thats More Nutritious

Tricks to DIY Composting! Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked her results

This is a guide on starting a compost pile. Starting your own compost pile can save you money on your garbage bill, reduce the waste you send to the landfill, and will give you your own organic compost that you can use to amend the soil in your garden beds.

Starting a Compost Pile

This is a guide about lasagna gardening tips. Lasagna gardening, an organic approach, relies layers and is heavy on mulching to create rich soil.

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How To Compost Like A Boss

This handy infographic on How to Compost provides a compelling case as to why you should consider composting and teaches you handy tricks to reduce composting time.

Organic Compost 1

Organic Compost

Teufel's Organic Compost provides a microbially active source of organic matter, humus and other important soil builders required by plants to thrive.

How to Make Organic Compost

Protocols and activities about soil moisture, soil characterization, soil temperature, infiltration, and more!

how to create compost: You don't need a compost bin to make compost. You simply need a pile that is at least 3 by 3 by 3 feet.

Making a Compost Bin: from Organic Gardening. Adding a balanced mix of "greens" and "browns" to the compost pile is essential.

Easy organic compost how to

Using compost fertilizer is very important for all types of gardening. Compost enriches your soil so plants say healthy and grow properly. A good compost pile is also a great way to recycle waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

How To Make Worm Castings Tea (Organic Compost and Organic Fertilizer)...http://homestead-and-survival.com/how-to-make-worm-castings-tea-organic-compost-and-organic-fertilizer/

How To Make Worm Castings Tea (Organic Compost and Organic Fertilizer) - Homestead & Survival

#2 -Trench Composting - Trench composting fits perfectly into my crazy gardening life. It’s much simpler than trying to constantly have a pile of cooking compost.  This method makes composting easy and adds rich organic compost to your garden.  It works especially well for fall composting!

Trench Composting - The lazy mans composting method

-Trench Composting - Trench composting fits perfectly into my crazy gardening life. It’s much simpler than trying to constantly have a pile of cooking compost.

25 lb. Organic Compost with Cow Manure, BG25#CMM at The Home Depot - Mobile

Help build humus content and improve overall soil texture using this Organic Compost with Cow Manure.

Small space potato growing need not produce small crops of potatoes, if you have the know how. Remember, all night shades have one characteristic in common; if you "smother lower branches with layers of organic compost as they grow up, their trailers (stems) will climb back into the sun and leave behind tubers on the buried lower part. Repeat, repeat, repeat! #GardenMaven

Small space potato growingPotatoes are relatively easy to grow and can be grown in garbage bags, sacks, or pot