Origami furniture (another link: http://www.bkn.ru/Articles/3192-Miebiel-orighami_vsie_slozhitsia.html)

DIY Origami Box Lights

Plié Collection - foldable flexible furniture by Atelier (Hungary-based designer Gergely Kiss-Gál) ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪

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origami chair furniture Love this concept! Very funny and imaginative. A chair fit for an angel, or some other equally weightless celestial figure.

Wood-Skin: Origami Furniture

Milan-based company Wood-Skin is turning two-dimensional layers of wood and fabric into modern, origami-inspired furniture. Wood-Skin uses.


Swedish designers Sanna Lindstrom and Sigrid Stromgren - Grand Central table, an expandable piece of furniture inspired by a pop-up map of New York. -can be a small coffee table or pup-up to be a bigger one for company.

When Furniture, Origami, and Ergonomics combine!

When Furniture, Origami, and Ergonomics combine!