Origami Unicorn Instructions

How to make an origami Unicorn, designed by Jo Nakashima Dedicated to Camila Zeymer Difficulty level:intermediate My paper: x origami.

Unicorn instructions

how to fold an origami unicorn! Hogere vouwkunst als je het mij vraagt.

A review of Jo Nakashima's excellent origami Unicorn Model. Includes thoughts on folding, paper recommendations, and a link to the instruction video that shows how to fold it.

In Search of an Origami Unicorn

Geldscheine kreativ zu Origami Einhörnern falten – DIY Anleitung

Geldscheine kreativ zum Origami Einhorn falten – DIY Anleitung

Origami Unicorn Instructions (Perry Bailey)

Origami Unicorn Instructions (Perry Bailey)