Cabbage Patch Doll - I had an Asian (how ironic) Cabbage Patch Kid named Lexi. I am pretty sure I was prepping for my future as a famous actress who would adopt a kid from every continent.

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Every little girl that grew up in the had a Cabbage Patch Kid.or They all came with their birth certificate. I'm so glad they still make them. The Beat Toys of the :)

Original Cabbage Patch Dolls | Vintage 1986 Original Black Cabbage Patch Kid Doll, Rare Original ...

My dad waited in line for HOURS to get me one of these and finally got home around looking weary from his battle at Toys R Us. lol I thanked him at the time, but I didn't *fully* appreciate how much "fun" that must have been for him.

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EVERYONE had a cabbage patch doll. 10 Retro Eighties Toys You Wish You Still Had For Your Kids- I still have my version-Crimp n' curl cabbage patch doll

Original Cabbage Patch Dolls -Xavier-Roberts-

Vintage 1982 Xavier Roberts Cabbage Patch Doll red hair Complete Original outfit

Another pinned wrote: SearsWishbook- I found a site that has old wishbooks, from the 1930's to the 1980s. Fun Fun!!

OMG, every year I'd ask my Grandma Lynne for a Cabbage Patch KID. She'd get me a Cabbage Patch Baby. I hated those!

Handmade Dolls Clothes  Sleepsuit to fit Original Cabbage

Handmade Dolls Clothes - Sleepsuit to fit Original Cabbage Patch Kids & similar soft sculptured dolls

Babies that included adoption papers & a birth certificate.

Visit Babyland General Hospital- Birthplace of Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids: Lucy-Jo was my hard bald head baby, who I adopted and changed the name a couple of times. I also had a large set of miniatures. I appeared on a Toyworld poster advertising Miniature cabbage patch kids when I was about 4 years old.

A couple months ago I came across THIS crochet cabbage patch doll hat pattern. And about the same time my mom found my old cabbage patch doll that she gave me when I was 4 years old! I knew I was going to have to pass the doll down to my newborn daughter AND make her a …

How cute and funny is this Crochet Cabbage Patch Doll inspired hat from Repeat Crafter Me! Reminds me of my first cabbage patch doll :)