Katniss & Gale Funny Oscar Meme

16 of the Most Hilar Katniss Everdeen Memes Hunger Games Fans will Ever See

Hahaha you go girl

Can’t argue with that…

Hilarious Text Of The Day

Hilarious Text Of The Day

well he can't be on the list any more. he got his dam Oscar

Honestly it makes me so sad that he has an oscar now because we can't keep making these posts

And The Oscar for Funniest Oscars Memes Ever Goes To… (GALLERY)

WorldWideInterweb it's basically the internet and stuff

LEO keeps losing the oscars Memes lol so funny. but seriously, HTF does he not have one?

'Leo The Loser': The Best Of Leonardo DiCaprio Losing The Oscar Memes

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