There's also Suki which is the least intimate in my opinion. I did not know about the last one!

Don't make a mistake: And I heard aishiteru is only used on the death bed, lol. So koishiteru more likely used when you are already dead? They mainly use suki desu or maybe daisuki. Has someone ever heard the use of aishiteru or koishiteru?

Coming Up For Names In The RWBY-verse Is Pretty Easy.

i just wait until my glasses fall off my face. because I'm to lazy to pick it up. so does that make me the lazy type?

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Hair color= personality Lucy Heartfilia

Hair color= personality Lucy Heartfilia Yess but why that bottom picture 😭

I know the lyrics to the themes songs by heart but have no idea what they mean!

Otaku Problem: When you know lots of Japanese words but you have no idea how to string them together into sentences.