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Those three words that will end amy conversation and any friendship instantly

As a woman, I like the top better, but I've never really liked makeup all that much and I'm not going to shame someone else for liking the bottom or even both.

As a woman, I like the top better, but I've never really liked makeup all that much and I'm not going to shame someone else for liking the bottom or even both.

pronunciation |     \ “la-lO-‘chez-E-o \                                   #lalochezia, noun, cussing, profanity, satisfying, stress relief, coping strategies, words, definitions, otherwordly, other-wordly, L,

Word of the Day: Lalochezia (n.) the emotional relief gained from using abusive or profane language

Teach Me to Talk website - Ideal for SLPs in Early Intervention/Pre-K settings and parents. They also have engaging podcasts for SLPs who need a fresh take on old issues related to therapy.

Teach Me to Talk - SLP website/ Making Circle Time Successful

Every Monday features a tip, exercise, inspiring quote or other tidbit to help boost your body image. For many of us, Mondays are tough. We may feel anxious and stressed out, anticipating an arduous week, especially if we didn’t get much rest and relaxation...

Writing a Body Image Memoir

A fantastic creative writing assignment for any age. Write your memoir in exactly six words. "I'll always be a middle child." I think this could be a great way to get students thinking about their personal narratives!

Tsundoku (Japanese) (pronunciation | tsUn-‘dO-kU ; Japanese script | 積ん読 kanji, つんどく hiragana): Leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other unread books.

Fantastic words with no easy translation in other languages

tsundoku ~ (n.) buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands (pronunciation tsoon-doh-koo)

What happens to your brain when you fall in love? Includes video of 2008 TED Talk, Helen Fisher of the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University   --brought to you by mental_floss!

What Happens to Your Brain When You Fall in Love?

Plot twists can bring a whole new dimension to your story. But done with less finesse than not, they can also submarine the whole thing.

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: 5 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist. Pin now, read later!

Ahh...well I definitely had this today.  Even though telling the story made lots of ppl cry.  But people learned something through a story I shared.  Maybe this will start a revolution of compassion.

I have a dream.

) a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives Toska Orenda - Adventurous Sylvari with no family who wants to better the world

He'll basically HAVE to kiss you.

60 Love Quotes That Help You Tell Him EVERYTHING You Truly Feel

I want you to be on all the pages of my story. I want it to be one grand adventure with more love and happiness than we ever could have dreamed of. I want to look back on it and be proud of it.I want ot be with you till your last breath

I know there's not a pic... But this recipe (Red Pepper Gougeres) is AMAZING! We made it at work today and I could have eaten all of them myself.

Red Pepper Gougeres

Short Vowel Picture Word Sorts

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2