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"Sittin' on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. Ooo, I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, wastin' time." ~ Otis Redding, The Dock of The Bay

you've got to hold her, squeeze her, never leave her...  otis redding

Documentary about the legendary soul singer Otis Redding, using unseen home movies.

#Otis Redding / 1941-1967 / age 26 / plane crash

R.I.P.: 15 Celebs Who’ve Died In Plane Crashes

OTIS REDDING The “Try a Little Tenderness” singer Otis Redding was a very successful singer and songwriter in the As one of the great.

Otis Redding concert poster. Gone much too soon. Just imagine the music he would have created.

This is my rendition of a poster for an Otis Redding concert in The times, dates, and places are real.

Otis Redding

(September 1941 – December Redding wrote and recorded his iconic "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" with Steve Cropper.

Otis Redding-my all time favorite

Otis Redding was an American soul singer-songwriter, record producer, arranger, and talent scout. He is considered one of the major figures in soul music and rhythm and blues (R), and one of the greatest singers in popular music. "The Dock of the Bay"



"There is nothing more beautiful than a simple blues tune. There is beauty in simplicity whether you are talking about architecture, art or music.

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Otis Redding died on December 1967 at age He died tragically in a plane crash traveling between gigs.

don't leave me this way

Another on the short list of "Greatest Soul Singers," Otis Redding defined the raw, Southern Soul sound of Stax Records.

These arms of mine They are burning Burning from wanting you These arms of mine They are wanting Wanting to hold you  And if you Would let them hold you Ohh how grateful I will be ~Otis Redding PopUp Remix This quote courtesy of @Pinstamatic (http://pinstamatic.com)

Longing to touch someone can be a physical ache and overwhelming need. This right here sums it up simply.