In honor of over 900 followers, I'll be doing this with sabin, zenny and chardeen! Comment below a number and one of my oc pairings!

I did this instead of with my OTP but with my date-mate and I always wear her clothes and she wears mine so some of them went both ways and some I didn't agree Actually would happen

Is it your shirt? Because if it's your shirt I'm leaving

"Please, can you behave." She didn't laugh but I know she thought I was funny. Why else would she be here with me when her boyfriend is waiting for her in the restaurant on the other side of the street?

I am not even joking this is genuinely me and my bf he is A and I am B omg it's real

I am not sweet OTP prompt<<< I imagined Klance. U know, person A is Lance, and B is Keith.

It helps a lot to analyze the different types of kisses as it can help describe them better and make a scene more intimate or fluffy depending on the kiss shared so this is extremely helpful :)

Another: The dirty kiss: The stranger in the bar just to get the taste of them out of your mouth kiss.

"Sorry I'm late, I was doing stuff." "I'm stuff."

Laurens: *disheveled, and late* Sorry, I was busy doing stuff Hamilton: *walks slowly behind him, smirking* Im stuff.

Some of these are so cuuuteeee. I need to read about this with Mare and cal (even though their relationship isn't like this)!

Some of this is tooth achingly sweet and gross and some IS HELL YES <<< Writing prompt

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Magnus slowly petting Alec with Chairman Meow sitting next to Magnus very jeaslous

Mello does it to Matt, who retaliates by shooting him as soon as he gets the power back in his gun.

i'm actually kimda nervous to say this. but imagine dean&coal. i love them alot and i don't care what anyone says, they're my favorite otp.

19511479_1144693142330636_7032689536828307982_n.jpg (511×844)

19511479_1144693142330636_7032689536828307982_n.jpg (511×844)

Michael and Raven. He's very depressed and anxious, and she brings him peace and security. He looks at her as if she's the only good thing in a cruel world, and he is so soft and gentle and broken that she can't help but keep him close.

I rolled over for probably the ten millionth time, facing away from him." He asked sleepily. I hate when I wake him up with my tossing and turning.

Tag yourself I'm person a since i'm... short... in real life....... :((

I hate feeling useless but instead of struggling forever I'll ask for help 😂