Taking a bath outside sounds dreamy, but it isn’t exactly easy. For one, it’s not like you can just plop your tub outside in your backyard. Which may be why hotels and lodges that give you the option for a little al fresco soaking right in your room are becoming more and more common.

The World's Best Outdoor Tubs

Ali, maybe you don't need an expensive hot tub, if you just have a soaking tub with hot water access near house plumbing. Is your bathing going to be a solitary activity, or shared? L

Day dream :p The Ship Wreck: Studio Suite Vacation Cottage in Tofino. I seriously want an outdoor tub when we buy a house

38 idées géniales pour transformer votre maison

38 idées géniales pour transformer votre maison

Don't just install any outdoor bathtub. Install THIS outdoor bathtub. and by outdoor bathtub i mean outdoor hot tub

Tub- hip and humble home

Tub- hip and humble home. I'd add an outdoor herb garden in my outdoor shower/bath area

Outdoor Bath, mmmmm nice idea but don't think it'll ever be that warm in England!

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Ideas

The weeping willow tree in the corner of the yard became the ideal spot for an outdoor bathing area. A friend found an old claw-foot tub for.

Just imagining relaxing in here after a day at the beach, with a large cocktail and a great book. Heaven.   (Although I'd need steps to get up there lol)

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Pool of warm water and flower petals at a spa in Ko Samui, Thailand. Photo by Natala Menezes. Ko Samui, often referred to as simply Samui by locals, is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand. It is located close to the mainland town o

Very simple...floor and shower curtain on metal rod. Also like the idea of a water trough for tub use...could attach a faucet, hose, and drain grey water to plants

Keep It Cool: 15 Inspiring Outdoor Showers & Bathrooms

Modern Outdoor Shower Ideas: This outdoor bathing shower could be installed anywhere in your backyard which is some appropriate place.

OMG.  Love.  Growing up at my grammas the bathtub was a large galvanized tub.  Out back in the smear. In the kitchen in the winter.  Agape, Vieques Bathtub

Growing up at my grammas the bathtub was a large galvanized tub. Out back in the smear.