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Sam and Cait: thesassenach: Sam Heughan edit

Books in order are: Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, Written in My Own Heart's Blood. Companions shown are: The Exile, A leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, A Trial of Fire, An Outlandish Companion

Books in order are: Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn…

Outlander Season 2 Finale. Jamie & Claire

you gave me a rare woman. And God, I loved her well" - Jamie & Claire ((I cried so much during this whole scene))

❥Outlander Season 2 Finale. Claire❥

Outlander Season 2 Finale - gave me straight up chills. HER EYES

13 books about women who time travel. If you love Outlander, these are the books for you!

13 Books About Time-Traveling Women

13 Books About Time Traveling Women for All Those Outlander Lovers

The Bright Blue Button: Outlander comes to Fife Part 2 - or, how I met Sam Heughan!

5 Reasons We Love Watching: Outlander zaz News SideReel

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Spoilers: They tried to live without their hearts…Jamie and Claire the years apart

Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander Series #2).  Read it more times than I can count, but still absolutely love this book.

Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander Series #2)

OUTLANDER SEASON 2 ~ will be based on Diana Gabaldon's "Dragonfly in Amber". Politically-charged, Jamie and Claire are trying to stop the Battle of Culloden from happening . the battle that forever changed Scotland and destroyed the Highland culture.

OUTLANDER fan and blogger Connie Verzak relives every moment from Outlander's latest episode, "Je Suis Prest", with this stunning recap.

Outlander Season 2 Episode 9 recap - Je Suis Prest - Scotland Now

Outlander Season 2 Finale. Jamie & Claire

my heart physically hurts at this part. In the book especially