Mud kitchens (also known as outdoor kitchens or mud pie kitchens) are one of the best resources for little ones to play outside. While looking for inspirat

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

Had no idea mud pie kitchens were a thing but I LOVE the idea! 20 mud kitchen ideas Oh what I would have given to had one of these when I was a kid, actually, wouldn't mind a functioning one now!

Keep the old sink and make it into an outdoors water table/play area for the girls More

The Best DIY Wood & Pallet Ideas

Outdoor Sink Makes Water Recycling Simple - This sink is ridiculously easy to make from "found" or repurposed parts. The sink is hooked up to an outdoor hose (no plumbing) and water from it goes into a simple 5 gallon bucket to collect grey water that can be used on landscape. Now instead of going inside to wash garden produce, it can be done at the outdoor sink.

Outdoor Sink Makes Water Recycling Simple - This sink is ridiculously easy to…

For my herbs and lovely flowers outside the back door

Three Tier Herb And Plant Theatre With Zinc Pot Set

industrial Copper Taps Great for the by RailwayCottageFinds £80

industrial Copper Taps Great for the kitchen, utility or outside

Creative and vintage looking copper industrial taps! Looks great in any kitchen or bathroom! We have fitted two bathrooms out with these

BATHROOM - could whole bathroom be fitted with DIY copper piping for sink, shower, towel bars and shower curtain bar?

DIY faucet with copper pipes and brass fittings cool idea for outdoor faucets.

Construct a DIY Outdoor Sink Base Excellent for Quick and Easy Cleanups! I have wanted an outdoor sink for so long… Obviously, there are just some things I cannot clean in the kitchen sink &#…

DIY Project Plan: Build an Outdoor Sink (Part One) via deanna hughes hughes hughes hughes Johnson by Studio C