Makes sense to me. British television is the best

Makes sense to me.

Oh, Jimmy Carr, you tax cheating bastard. Stop making me fall in love with you when I'm trying to feel morally superior. Clip from QI.

Stewie Griffin Family Guy Quote 8

13 Times Stewie Griffin Said What We Were All Thinking

Before we were obsessed with grumpy baby or disgusted baby, everyone's favorite infant was Stewie Griffin on Family Guy.

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G would love not to mow

Muwi lawn mower

The Muwi Lawn Mower.bahaha it would be so funny to go out and find little grass circles or grass balls around the yard! so agree abi! why is the lawnmower pooing grass?

In elementary school my friends were talking about a indecent about someone who was gay and she whispered the word and spelt it as she would a swear word.

I always hated that in elementary school it infuriated me how kids would tell me not to say gay because "it's a swear word"

“Why is Nicolas Cage on the cover of a Serbian biology textbook?”

26 Tumblr Posts That Are Never Not Funny

doddleoddle | Tumblr

She's the first person I've ever seen use a recorder outside of her second grade "song flute" recital and I love it

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Page

I think my desire clouds my judgement. you basically drive me crazy and it can be maddening somedays.