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As we move ever closer to an official announcement at next week's Blizzcon, all signs point to Overwatch coming to current-gen consoles as well as PC.

BulletVille - stylish low poly action platforming hero shooter that blends Overwatch and Horizon: Zero Dawn! #gaming #games #indiegame #indiegames #free #indie

BulletVille - stylish low poly action platforming hero shooter that blends Overwatch and Horizon: Zero Dawn! #gaming #games #indiegame #indiegames #free #indie

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Despite his rough and tough exterior, Soldier 76 shows that he cares about the younger Overwatch members in his own way, and this meme exploits it to the max

"Annyira felkapott lett a stream, hogy végül a Twitch hivatalos Twitter profilja is megosztotta..." #Overwatch #stream

Overwatch : un montant de joueurs énorme les premiers jours !

You can sign up for the beta now.

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment By Adam UTC Each Overwatch hero is a special snowflake. Different guns, different abilities, different movement speeds, different quirks.

Battleborn.    I signed up to play in the closed technical test in October 2015 and i had a lot of fun! I played the open beta and reached level 37 in ten days because I couldn't stop playing. I still stand by how fun it is.    I awaited with baited breath to see if everyone loved the game as much as me. To my surprise it was getting mediocre to good reviews everywhere not great. Battleborn is constantly compared to Overwatch (which I won't compare them here there are to many blogs articles…

Who would have thought that 25 heroes in Battleborn, made by the company behind Borderlands (Gearbox Software), can feature 1024 ways to play each base hero or almost 50 billions of hero and team combinations.

ELeague puts up $300000 prize pool for 'Overwatch' tournament will air on TBS Image: Blizzard entertainment  By Kellen Beck2016-07-22 15:38:52 UTC  Not even finished with its first major esports tournament ELeague is setting itself up to host another international tournament: The Overwatch Open.  The Overwatch Open is poised to have biggest prize pool yet capping out at $300000 in prize money for the two-month-old game. This triples the current biggest prize pool of ESLs $100000 Atlantic…

Blizzard speaks candidly to IGN about its failure and the pressure of incredible expectations.

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