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As we move ever closer to an official announcement at next week’s Blizzcon, all signs point to Overwatch coming to current-gen consoles as well as PC.

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My Thoughts on the Overwatch Closed Beta (Tracer Gameplay)

After a few days of gameplay in the Overwatch closed beta I thought I'd share with you my impressions on the game so far.

Overwatch (Closed Beta) - Progression, Loot, Cosmetic Upgrades, Maps, Co...

Overwatch (Closed Beta) - Progression, Loot, Cosmetic Upgrades, Maps, Control Mode (New Features)

Overwatch's closed beta will return in February with new game mode, new maps #gaming

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Overwatch’s closed beta starts tomorrow | Massively Overpowered

Overwatch não terá progressão como World of Warcraft ou Diablo - EExpoNews

Blizzard Hosting the Last Overwatch Closed Beta Test This Weekend - IGN News Blizzard is hosting a short closed beta test for Overwatch beginning this Friday April 15. April 12 2016 at 11:18PM

Blizzard Hosting the Last Overwatch Closed Beta Test This Weekend - IGN

Some of us were lucky enough to try out Overwatch and Battleborn Beta, either when it was in a closed beta or open beta stage. Some of those lucky people who had the opportunity to try both games h…

Overwatch vs Battleborn - skill, humor and competitiveness – Geek Snack

PlayNow : Overwatch (Closed Beta) - YouTube

The Overwatch game was formed to bring peace to a war-torn world on the brink of destruction. It comprised of a medley of soldiers, scientists and

Beginning on December 10th, Blizzard will be taking Overwatch offline until January. During the intervening weeks, the team will be analyzing mountains of data and digging through player bug reports in order to bring a new and improved version to players come January.

Overwatch News - Overwatch have a big new patch to explore that brings a new map, a new weekly brawl play mode, and improvements to the Play of the Game feature along with bug fixes and balance updates.

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According to Master Overwatch, a stat collection site for Overwatch that's been up since the game's launch, Symmetra still has the highest winrate in the game on PC, and is in second place behind Torbjorn on consoles.

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9 of the hottest uncensored NSFW Overwatch fan art. That's a mouthful, but thankfully Mei has ice-cream at number