yay for a character that has little use other than her ult

WEBSTA @ rossdraws - Thanks for the Birthday wishes! Here's my exploration of Sombra, the new Overwatch hero.

Overwatch hero counters

Overwatch Hero Counters

And for Bastion, Pharah to duck in and out of cover while firing rockets, widow or Hanzo to snipe where the fire can't accurately hit you, or roadhog who can pull him out of the formation with his hook

Overwatch Fan Skin: Cyborg Hanzo by effektdmentality

Fan design for a character in the game Overwatch. Based on the prompt that Hanzo, and not his brother Genji, was turned into a cyborg.

Overwatch - Torbjorn Reference Guide:

Overwatch - Torbjorn Reference Guide:

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By now everyone knows Overwatch. It has millions of players almost everyday playing online. Because is pure fun!

“Heroes eventually die…”

Blackwatch - Talon Mercy

“Heroes eventually die…”