Owl City - Beautiful Times ft. Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling you guys this is the most beautiful song ever. most beautiful song I've heard in my life. It's just, it's just - aaaaaag!

Beautiful Times-Owl City Feat. Lindsey Stirling

The next single’s cover! It’s called Beautiful Times, featuring Lindsey Stirling, a violinist. It's beautiful though

Owl City - "Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling)" (OFFICIAL TEASER)

The official music video for "Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling)" will premiere tomorrow! For now, check out this 15 second clip. "Beautiful Times" is .

Reminds me of the the kid from Umbrella Beach.

Ok I'm pretty sure this is dicky from Nicky Ricky dicky and dawn and I like freaked when I say this I'm like dude that's dicky in Owl City beautiful Times music vid lol

Yes. This is exactly what listening to the song felt like. This is perfect. // <3

I have to say, the Owl City New Release Response Team has been on its toes with the edits and art!