The owl and the man seem pretty cool.

An Owl Pet That Helps With Chores, Sounds Like a Disney Movie

The Cutest Owl Ever. Wouldn't like to find owl pellets all over my house though .

"You're my friend, are you not?" A blink of the eyes was my answer. That was all I needed.

Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?

I like owls. They have big eyes, glowing eyes, like me. Their feathers are the same color as my hair. Everyone calls me "Owl Girl". Maybe it's because I look like one- maybe it's because I carry one around all the time.

The 'official' quiz told you that your Patronus was something rubbish like a wet dog or a sewer rat or something - but we know that's not really you. Find out what your real Patronus is!

What Is Your Real Patronus?

Winter Owl White Light Switch Plate beautiful wall art living room bedroom cute elegant Animal home decor gift made in the USA

Owl griffin, they are so cute!!! Edited by Kira Claypoole--example for contest

We here at the myth garden are lucky to have found a pair of nesting Barn Growls. They are hard to find in the wild and we are extremely lucky.