Buford, England | The tiny Oxfordshire town named on Forbes list of Most Idyllic Places ...

Burford, the tiny Oxfordshire town named as one of the Most Idyllic Places on the planet

Lund University ~ Followlink to discover what it's like to live and study in Lund, Sweden. Charming little town, the 'Oxford' of Sweden and home to the biggest university in the country.

Studying and living in Lund Sweden through the eyes of alumni: what is it like?

What is it like to live and study in Lund, home to the largest university in Sweden, ranking in top universities in the world. First hand experience advice from those who've been there and done that!

linear cobbles set within gravel | OXFORD TOWN HOUSE 1

Linear cobbles set within gravel. A clean geometric design that creates a sense of calm and order.

Oxford Town Park in Oxford, MD

thelastenchantments: “ “We walked toward the center of the city, a few snowflakes hanging in the gray air…” - The Last Enchantments ”

Christmas in Oxford street, London

Christmas in Oxford Street, London. New bucket list item: London for the holidays! Check this one off the list!

Oxford Street Christmas lights - London, England

28 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World

Stunning trees at an Oxford Town Hall wedding

Stunning trees at an Oxford Town Hall wedding