OZ Magazine (A Parents Guide to Drug Abuse).

OZ Magazine (A Parents Guide to Drug Abuse)- Unstable environment

Sixties Sharp - the pop and psychedelic art of Martin Sharp

☮ American Hippie ~ Psychedelic Art, OZ Magazine, Issue 3 (May, What Beautiful Eyes She Has - Martin Sharp

-The publishers were charged twice with distributing an obscene publication. - Oz is most notorious for a run-in with the law in 1971 after the publication of the Oz 'School Kids Issue'. Twenty young people between ages 14 and 18 were selected to edit the School Kids issue (issue 28). They were given editorial freedom and the result was a mixture of articles and cartoon strips which communicated the teenage view on music, sexual freedom, hypocrisy, drug use, corporal punishment and…

kurzschluss: “ OZ Magazine covers / Sixties underground magazine Oz has a legendary place in magazine history, both for it’s establishment-shaking attitude and for being where publisher Felix Dennis.

OZ Magazine covers - Melt

OZ issue 26 cover OZ 26 (Feb Pussy Power + Print Mint flyer DH Lawrence poem Portrait of a Bolshevist Bill Levy's journal Edward De Bono Roddy McDowell The Slag Heap Erupts Candy Darling pic The Food Eplosion 2 Acid Flicks Chicago Conspiracy Trial

OZ magazine

Oz was first published as a satirical humour magazine between 1963 and 1969 in Sydney, Australia, and, in its second and better known incarnation, became a "psychedelic hippy" magazine from 1967 to 1973 in London.