cMag201 - Oz Magazine cover "Theological Striptease" by Paul Johnson / February, 1967 / Issue nº 1

kurzschluss: “ OZ Magazine covers / Sixties underground magazine Oz has a legendary place in magazine history, both for it’s establishment-shaking attitude and for being where publisher Felix Dennis.

minnagilligan: “psychedelic-sixties: “OZ Magazine, Issue 3 (May, 1967) - What Beautiful Eyes She Has ” Martin Sharp ”

☮ American Hippie ~ Psychedelic Art, OZ Magazine, Issue 3 (May, What Beautiful Eyes She Has - Martin Sharp

OZ Magazine covers - Melt

OZ issue 26 cover OZ 26 (Feb Pussy Power + Print Mint flyer DH Lawrence poem Portrait of a Bolshevist Bill Levy's journal Edward De Bono Roddy McDowell The Slag Heap Erupts Candy Darling pic The Food Eplosion 2 Acid Flicks Chicago Conspiracy Trial

Martin Sharp - Oz Magazine

OZ magazine cover Blowing in the Mind: Bob Dylan, Mr. Tambourine Man, by Martin Sharp, October 1967

1. A 1960 Palm Springs Time Capsule for Sale The place was decorated and left alone. To step inside is to enter a time warp. Valued at $850,000, found on Flashbak.   2. Lady Penelope’s Thunderbirds Car Remember this?! Found on Pinterest.   3. Disney Concept Plan for the Never-Built Switzerland EPCOT Pavilion Plans for an un-built attraction,…

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