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Total Abs Workout 2014 - Not sure which exercise targets which muscle? Here's a nice visual guide to help put together a workout that targets your abs and obliques.

So you cannot draw shoes? http://www.heritageofscotland.com/p,mens-style-guide,page.php

So you have a hard time drawing a character's shoes, eh? This tutorial shows step-by-step how to draw a realistic-looking shoe.

DIY Ombré Origami Star Mobile!

Paper Lucky Stars Ombre Mobile

Everyone after season 2 except for me... I was this at the beginning of season 1

David Harbor rocking one of my tees! Thanks for grabbing one ❤️Team Steve - Steve Harrington, Mom of the Year, Joe Keery, The Babysitter, Stranger Things t-shirt

P.S. I Love You makes me cry every darn time! Darn you Gerard Butler for not only being ridiculously good looking but so good in this character.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

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WTF. WHO TF THOUGHT ABOUT THIS. That is a stupid idea, you shouldn’t encourage it by providing the thing they want!

Pedophiles don't need to be encouraged. If they're given "child sex bots", we'll just be telling them it's perfectly okay to be using children for sex. Pedophiles are a disgrace to this world.

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I guess I haven't posted any here, so this will be the first. I also have been into scale figures and customizing them for about 5 years now I think. This rabbit inspired mecha isn't my first custom (I'll post those soon) but it's one of my favorites.

I’m a nerd who’s hot and actually knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Star Wars

I’m a man spreading, skinny jean, flannel, backwards hat wearing, lesbian

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The Man Who Invented Christmas synopsis and movie info. In dealing with the failure of his last three books, Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) is once.