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My daughter Amanda & I are tackling for the next 3 months. John & I ordered this program 4 yrs ago & have done this cycle many times-the results are phenomenal. Amanda wants to build some muscle & will achieve that. 90 days of a kick-ass workout.

P90X lean phase work out schedule. http://sheddingthepounds.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/p90x_calendar_lean.png

The classic calendar is the second workout schedule for the system. We looked at the "easier" lean calendar last time

For your use!! The NEW #P90 Workout Schedule. Save in pdf format and print off the P90 calendar for your use! This is the #P90Sweat calendar!

The new Schedule is awesome! Now you can print off your own calendar in pdf and not ruin the one that came with your program!