Not to break this meme apart but these two Disney movies both take place in Hawaii and that hook is a cultural Hawaiian fish hook. Hate to break it to you.

Lilo moana lilo and stitch nani disney secrets hidden easter eggs movies---------- not sure if this is an easter egg. It is a fish hook and its bone. Its accurate of how all those islands make fish hooks.

Pacific Rim - Created by Guillaume Morellec                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Calling All Star Wars Jedi

Pacific Rim - Created by Guillaume Morellec Pacific Rim is one of my favorite movies. I'm kind of a giant robot/monster movie nerd.

Pacific Rim Infographic by on @DeviantArt

Infographic of Pacific Rim's timeline, with Kaijus and Jaegers in scale, with modern landmarks and vehicles as references. Only Kaijus and Jaegers with sufficient information and or/reference.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim – Otachi By Ken Taylor. In collaboration with Legendary’s Art Series and Ken Taylor, we’re delighted to present this Limited Edition Hand Numbered S

Robot Hugs comic: Female roles in movies. | The message is, for guys, no matter how incompetent, unremarkable, average, motivationless, or mediocre they are, life will still find a way to place them (magically, if necessary!) into a totally undeserved position of physical and mental superiority over women! | I still want a Black Widow movie; just let's please avoid this.

'Okay, we need a Strong Female Character.... just not AS strong as the male character'

I've just realised this is The Matrix to a T. 😱 Robot Hugs comic: Female roles in movies.

feel like this needs to be under art. ADMIT ONE FILM POSTER EXHIBITION - Peter Strain Illustration

As ilustrações tipográficas experimentais de Peter Strain

Uma Thurman as Mrs. Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction, 1994

Racebent Disney Girls Part 2: Mulan (Native American), Pocahontas (Pacific Islander), Kida (Maori), Jane (Korean), Eilonwy (African/Fula), Esmerelda (Moroccan), Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit).:

Racebent Disney Girls Part Mulan (Native American), Kida (Maori), Jane…

South Pacific movie poster | South Pacific Movie Posters From Movie Poster Shop. Based on James A. Michener's Pulitzer prize novel Tales of the South Pacific.

South Pacific is a 1958 Music, Musical film directed by Joshua Logan and starring Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor.

South Pacific, 1958, saw a 19 year old beauty, France Nuyen, come to fame. Here, she does the actions while her screen mother, Bloody Mary, sings Happy Talk.

South Pacific Liat (France Nguyen) and her mother, Bloody Mary (Juanita Hall) perform the song, "Happy Talk" with Lt.

32 Movies To Make You Feel Great About Being Single On Valentine's Day

36 Movies That'll Make You Feel Just Fine About Being Single On Valentine's Day

New Poster For Jean Marc Vallée’s ‘Wild’ – Starring Reese Witherspoon As Cheryl Strayed