Hand drawn beautiful artwork of female shaman portriat. Alchemy, religion, spirituality, occultism, tattoo art, coloring books. Isolated vector illustration.

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Aprilhl. (2016). Hexenringe limited edition fairy ring screen print on handmade paper. Retrieved 16th October 2016, from https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/291982453/hexenringe-limited-edition-fairy-ring?ref=shop_home_feat_2

Hexenringe limited edition fairy ring screen print on handmade paper

"The Star Of David" (=satanic Hexagram) Deception: the six-pointed star is the supreme symbol of Satanic tyranny, which has been used by people throughout history to directly or indirectly worship Satan.The six-sided star numerically equals 666 (6 points, 6 triangles, 6-sided hexagon).It’s on Israel’s flag because the Antichrist Jesuits control the state of Israel. SOURCE: http://christianitybeliefs.org/end-times-deceptions/the-star-of-david-deception/

The 4 Elements More // .but that is a jewish star. (star of david)

Its pretty similar to a symbol that means goddess in Greek so this tattoo can be quite feminine.

triple moon tattoo design- don't have intentions of getting moons but I love this design so much I just had to keep it

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Small one for Elly this evening. Wax flowers and rose quartz, thanks gal!