Paisley Terrier: Describing the Paisley Terrier in 1894, Rawdon Lee wrote that “though he can kill rats, and maybe other vermin, the Paisley Terrier is essentially a pet dog, and is usually kept as such.” The breed was primarily a pet, and it was also a popular showdog. The Paisley Terrier was the progenitor of today’s Yorkshire Terrier. This is certainly not a good photo; I guess this is the best they could do....

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Paisley Terrier - Dog Breed Standards

The Australian Silky Terrier is a little and compact short legged terrier, 23 to 26 cm to ten in) at the withers, alert and active.

Ten notable extinct dog breeds: Paisley Terrier - Originally from Paisley, Scotland, this small dog resembles today’s Yorkshire Terrier. A show dog and a devoted companion, this silky-coated dog insisted upon both togetherness and attention, and would bark or exhibit depression if left alone too long. #PaisleyTerrier #DogBreeds

Ten notable extinct dog breeds

The 10 Extinct Breeds of Dogs: There are almost 40 breeds of dogs that have become extinct for various reasons. Some faced decline in popularity, some were

Paisley Terrier

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Paisley Terrier. Extinct. Ancestor to Yorkshire Terrier and similar to the Skye Terrier.

10 Beautiful Dog Breeds That Are Now Extinct

Ancestor to Yorkshire Terrier and similar to the Skye Terrier.

Adopt A Pet :: Paisley - Westminster, MD

Adopt A Pet :: Paisley - Westminster, MD

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11 Breeds of Dogs That No Longer Exist

Paisley Terrier - This breed was created to compete in dog shows. But when demand for them declined, the breed slowly vanished.

Terrier pup in a Barbour.

shortyvet: Border terrier pup in a barbour. Home (Mad Dogs & Englishmen)

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This is the main JRTCA picture gallery. It contains over photos of Jack Russell Terriers.

Tibetan terrier (looks like the reverse colors as our Paisley)

Black and white Tibetan Terrier Look like mini old English sheep dog

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Smile for the camera .I have had two Scottie's in my life and love they way always smiled.