AMAZING dappled palamino

In European folklore, familiars are supernatural entities which take the form of animals to assist witches and cunning folk. If you were a witch, what animal would your familiar be?

Beautiful Golden colored Palomino horse in the snow. Pretty as can be!

Hope was out with her brother from the CB herd when she got curious and wandered off. Lost, she walked right into Orsorises herd, having no idea where she was

Palomino Horses... this is the horse I dreamed of having when I was young...

If there's one thing I need it's a yard full of these! I thank God everyday for the gifts he has given me!

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This is Encore, she is a beautiful mare, a little fiesty, she is sweet and intelligent and very loyal, she has a rough past but puts it behind her. This beautiful mare has no mate but is in search of someone who loves and cares for her

I love palomino appaloosas .... so beautiful!!!!!! I shall own one someday, and only ride it bareback in the meadows and on the trails and the mountains and through water :D He shall be my cowboy horse =)

Very Beautiful Marking On The Horse

A very loud palomino leopard appaloosa. There is little spotting within the blanket on this individual, whereas some other horses can have their whole blanket covered in big polka dots. It is always a surprise how an appaloosa foal will turn out.