Panda Drawing - Mounted print of original pencil drawing

A seated panda eating bamboo. Photorealistic original drawing done in pencil. Mounted print signed by artist.

Printable - Panda - Ruth Morehead

Such a cute cover up for my wrist Printable - Panda - Ruth Morehead

Watercolour. Panda

I finally go to China. Even though I was welcomed with open arms. I hated it here, because it was not a Muslim country. So I left and went back to Morocco.

Cute little panda holding bamboo sticks.

Bits of art found around the interweb (31 photos)

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Cute drawing of panda!

How To Draw A Panda  •  Free tutorial with pictures on how to draw

How To Draw A Panda

How to draw a adorable panda! Free tutorial with pictures on how to draw & paint a piece of animal art in under 7 minutes using pencil, rubber, and paper. Inspired by animals and pandas. in the Art section Difficulty:.

This would be a cute print for a nursery.

I love this panda! The only thing I would change is adding more geometric shapes into it, even in the arms and legs.

A print that asks the question “Which bear is best?” | 31 Beautiful Posters That Will Teach You A Damn Thing

A print that asks the question "Which bear is best?"

A chart featuring 8 bears: the sun bear, brown bear, black bear, sloth bear.