restlessrisa: Cowboy Birthday Party Perparation {Part 2 - Panning for GOLD!}

Panning for GOLD! spray paint rocks gold poke holes in a pie plate fill a kiddie pool with dirty water and "gold" and let kids pan for gold. The California gold rush experience

Where to look in the steam bed for Gold.

Where to Find and What to Look for When Gold Prospecting and Panning

Rules for Where Find Gold & What to Look for When U are a Newbie; Gold Prospecting in the Best Places Using Gold Panning

Cowboy Theme

Cheap Summer Fun: 10 Alternative Uses for Your Plastic Kiddie Pool

Items used to make Gold for "Panning for Gold game" for our Western Party - or for pirate tresaure

Items used to make Gold for "Panning for Gold game" for a geology program/treasure/pirate theme

How to Spot Areas to Pan for Gold

How to Identify Gold Deposits in a River

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