It's Viola/Pansy time. // Clemmensen and Brok: All around A Little Pistachio Cake and some Pansies.

Memory Is The Bursts Of Flowers: Beautiful Pansy Flowers That ...

Blue and White Pansy with Yellow Center--pansies are my favorite annual because they're so cheerful

Me N You by James Roemmling bia

Me N You Art Print by James Roemmling

FRONT - TO RIGHT OF STAIRS (see sketch for more information) Love em - garden stalwart - to spill out of pots or sprinkled around the plantings. They self sow nicely Pansies ~ Me N You, by James Roemmling*

Felt DIY Pansy Flower Bookmark Tutorial - I just love cute pansy faces and all I can sew is a button, so this one might just be in my skill range (LOL) - so cute - so many ways to use them - and templates are included

Grace's Favours - Craft Adventures: How To Make A DIY Felt Pansy Flower Bookmark Tutorial Felt Flower