6W. Panthera (Leo) spelaea, the cave lion, is the one in the middle; males did not have manes. (If you want to make your head hurt, dive into the discussion boards about relative sizes of various felines, past and present.) -- In "Clan...." we meet the cave lion early on and his presence is felt throughout, as he comes to symbolize Ayla in the way the cave bear does for the clan.

Panthera (Leo) spelaea, the cave lion, is the one in the middle; males did…

Panthera leo spelaea

The skull of a cave lion (Panthera leo spelaea) (Credit: Didier Descouens)

Panthera leo spelaea by RomanYevseyev on DeviantArt

Panthera leo spelaea The cave lion received its common name because large quantities of its remains are found in caves, but it is doubtful whether they lived in them (one theory being that lion bones.

Panthera Leo spelaea also known as European or Eurasian Cave Lion, ranged from Northern Asia to Europe and Southern Asia, extinct as of 10000 BC.

Extinct animals: Cave Lion: one of the largest lions ever (extinct years ago)

Panthera leo spelaea (cave lion) - recent genetic research shows that it was most closely related to the modern lion and that it formed a single population with the Beringian cave lion. It ranged from Europe to Alaska over the Bering land bridge until the late Pleistocene.

Information about Panthera leo spelaea (cave lion) and other prehistoric creatures.

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The Lion That Became Extinct – Cave Lion : As strong a creature as a lion can be, sometimes it too cannot survive the onslaught of climate change. This is exactly what happened to the Cave Lion or the…