Kentucky Derby Paper Hat I love doing hat projects with kids this is great inspiration .... Brilliant

My Paper DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

What does a paper crafter wear to the Kentucky Derby? Why an over-sized, handcrafted paper hat decorated with paper orchids.

Fun and easy Craft Tutorial for making a Newspaper Earth Day Hat.

Crafty Texas Girls: Crafty How To: Earth Day Newspaper Hat Otterness - do you recognize this little cutie?

Newspaper Hats, my Grandpa used to make these for us

More newspaper headgear today! I have always wanted to learn how to make these newspaper soldier hats. Yesterday I finally made one.

Pirate Hat Guide, from wikiHow

How to Make a Pirate Hat. At some point in their lives, everyone wants to dress up as a pirate. And no pirate costume is complete without the appropriate hat. You can make a pirate hat out of almost anything, including newspaper, poster.

Printable DIY no-sew paper mini top hats!

How to make a mini top hat

printable mini paper top hat templates for fun and parties. Pinning this for murder mystery and splat costumes.

Easy & Stylish tissue paper hat

This Tissue Paper Hat Is All About Kid Made Simple Style

This is such a gorgeous and stylish tissue paper hat. It can be worn for loads of occasions, kept as simple or busy as you want and they are easy to make!

paper hats by Alyn Carlson — UPPERCASE

paper hats by Alyn Carlson

A soft kraft paper short brimmed high crowned beauty. Making best use of an advertising mailer, packing children's primer, and printed cardboard from game thingy. Shot by Paul Clancy hat day

13 paper hat tutorials -- sooooo sweet -- yes there are hats for boys too.

I love these cheerful newspaper party hats created at Maya Made! Give them a try for your next tea party :)

Paper strip hats using curled, folded and shaped paper strips. Approved by Andrea Beaty, author of Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau.

I could use this for crazy hat day.Paper strip hats using curled, folded and shaped paper strips. Approved by Andrea Beaty, author of Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau.

100 Extravagant Headwear Accessories - From Parrot-Hued Headdresses to Alienesque Paper Hats (CLUSTER)

99 Extravagant Headwear Accessories

Papercraft Headwear: Katsuya Kamo Completes Chanel's Spring 2009 Look With Copy Paper Tiaras

paper feathers and paper hat templates by Happythought printables

8 fantastic mini top hat template designs to download and print instantly. Ready to turn heads at the party!

Paper plate & bowl easter bonnets (maybe for Easter hat parade at work????)

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets Once a month at work, we have a pizza party to celebrate all the company birthdays for the month. They bring in a variety of different flavored party pizzas, salad and cakes & cookies.

cool thingy for kids, no tutorial....

Examples of hats created by Aiko Lanier Cuneo. As you can see, this hat is created from a map and if painted, would look quite good in a performance on top of royalty.