Illustrator Kim Sielbeck uses paper, polymer clay, and more to construct tiny cacti you can hold in the palm of your hand. File under: do want!

Kim Sielbeck's Paper Cacti to Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

Children's Party Decor: Illustrator Kim Sielbeck uses paper, polymer clay, and more to construct tiny cacti you can hold in the palm of your hand.


MODGE PODGE ---Paper cut outs Matisse style! Draw and cut out leaf shapes, use mod podge to glue onto a balloon, leave to dry fully and pop it!

Using plastic bags and tape as the base for sculpture. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

This is interesting because its made out of plastic bags. It conveys a sad kind of emotion because the bear is kind of tilted down.

These would be wonderful hanging from the classroom.

Paint balloon using color schemes. Tie in with weaving or coiling for th basket. Paper mache a balloon, pop the balloon, add string and a basket for spring class crafts. Could go great as a bulletin board theme (Kid's Soaring to New Heights in Reading.

Paper Mache Animal Heads

Paper Mache Animal Heads DIY Tutorial

Taxidermy at its Most Adorable Our newest designer Jessica from Bramble Workshop is at it again with another gorgeous paper mache project that you can incorporate into your home decor (be sure to c…

paper mache using pop bottle base

This paper mache bunny makes a very cute Easter decoration. pop bottle (without cap) Bottle cap Sand or beans (for weight inside bottle) 2 or .

Paper Mache DIY Projects & Ideas | Apartment Therapy

Modern Paper Mache DIY Project Ideas

Modern Paper Mache DIY Project Ideas: Hanging Art: These decorative eggs, from Ideas Magazine (via Poppytalk), are sculptural and delicate and so very interesting.

how to make a really good papier mache may have this recipe already, but just in case

Miranda Rook offers an excellent tutorial about making papier mache pulp of magazine paper and egg cartons. Check out her galleries for lots of ideas for papier mache projects with students!

Learn how to make adorable paper mache animal heads for cruelty-free taxidermy at its most adorable. Follow our easy tutorial for crafty success

Paper Mache Animal Heads DIY Tutorial

Paper Mache Animals (Note to self: join & learn to make paper mache projects with Grandkids )

Ethereal Papier-Mache Lamp Sculptures of Dancers & Fairies The team of Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet, aka Papier à êtres, have been constructing delicate and ethereal papier mache...

Frédéric Guibrunet and Sophie Mouton-Perrat’s Mademoiselle lamps are elegant staples in their all-white papier-mâché lighting collection. From: Meet More Than 60 Up-and-Coming Artisans