Paper models

paper folded...dimension!!

Elodole Made by cutting and folding paper, this piece reminds me of an MC Escher drawing.

On a larger scale would make great ornaments, or could fill a jar with small ones in pretty colours. -These are so cool!!

I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland}

All of these paper models are inspired by real buildings located in England. They are in HO scale (1/87 scale) and are perfect for Rai...

British Architectural Paper Models In HO Scale - by Kingsway Models

Scotland's secret book sculptures - in pictures

Scotland's secret book sculptures - in pictures

Edinburgh's secret sculptor has struck again, creating five magical paper models

Volkswagen T2 Danbury Camper Van Free Vehicle Paper Model Download

This vehicle paper model is a Volkswagen Type 2 Danbury Camper Van, created by, and the scale is in There are other VW paper models