51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts + $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

toilet paper roll crafts to get you started!DIY Finger Puppet Kits Toilet paper tube snakePoinsettia Christmas ornament from a toilet paper tubeFaux metal w

Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope

Best Science Toys For Kids - STEM Skills & Brain Growth

I have straws and am collecting the rolls (Stephanie) Homemade tinker toys in the library - No budget? Use toilet paper or paper towel tubes and straws to make your own building components for a library center!

Homemade Photo Frames Made Out of Paper Towel Tubes

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The Cutest Toilet Paper Crafts

Paper Towel Art Sculpture Art Supplies Needed- paper tubes, glue, paint, loose parts, lid. The children will strengthen their creativity by thinking unconventionally and making something unique.

A bunch of pretty designs made from recycled paper tubes

Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope

STEAM / STEM : Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope using a paper towel roll (cardboard tube) and a CD Such a fun way to children to explore the light spectrum!

grade giant crayons and colored pencils made with paper towel tubes. Oldenburg as artist, have them make two for learning complementary or choose 3 intermediate colors?