An illuminating teaching unit for John Green's young adult novel Paper Towns. 150+ pages of activities that are sure to engage middle school students and high school English students. Plot, Conflict, Characters, Writing Journals, Pop Quizzes, Vocabulary, Figurative Language, Activities, Poem Analysis, Essay lesson plans by Created for Learning

PAPER TOWNS Unit Novel Study (John Green) - Literature Guide

At its core, this book is about a boy who’s in love with a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but instead of existing solely to enrich his life, she te...

Paper Towns

Paper Towns // John Green Senior year of high school and Quentin Jacobsen finds himself involved in the search for Margo Roth Spiedgelman, his neighbor and classmate.

Paper Towns by John Green...AMAZING. Just go read it.  Very interesting concept.  And leave it to John Green to write a book that will keep you thinking about it long after you finish!!

Paper towns: It just sort of ended. It was a very thoughtful book but it just it wasn't very y'know yup yup But John Green!

Cara D. Is John Green's New Go-To Girl

PAPER TOWNS by John Green -- Loosely plotted and thoughtfully conceived to great effect.

Paper Towns by John Green. If you have not read this book you are missing out. It is my all time favorite book! READ IT!

PAPER TOWNS Unit Teaching Package (by John Green)NOVEL = PAPER TOWNS by John GreenGRADE LEVEL = 7-12150+ slides/pages in lesson plan unit Pacing Guide included>>> MEETS COMMON CORE STANDARDS <<<CONTENTS:* PAPER TOWNS Pre-reading Bias Intro Activity- answer thematic questions to get students thinking about the novel- 11-page/slide activity- CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.2* PAPER TOWNS Plot Chart Organizer Diagram Arc- organize the 6 parts of the plot- 1-page organizer & answer ...

PAPER TOWNS Unit Novel Study (John Green) - Literature Guide

Our Paper Towns Unit Teaching Package has pages and slides of engaging activities. Learners will enjoy the rigor and creativity in these standards-aligned resources built from best practices.

Paper Towns by John Green - yet another AMAZING book

Paper Towns

Paper Towns – John Green Paper Towns is the first John Green novel I’ve ever read. I’ve heard lots of people talking about his books, so I thought I’d give Paper Towns a sh…

STOP EVERYTHING: The "Paper Towns" Trailer Is Here  -

STOP EVERYTHING: The "Paper Towns" Trailer Is Here

Everyone Is Swooning Over Cara Delevingne In The First "Paper Towns" Trailer