wij hebben hiervoor gekozen omdat het een heel leuk idee om een eigen pompoen te maken. ook is dat leuk voor Halloween.

Papier Mache Pumpkins

In a different language but easy DIY from pics, paper mache pumpkin using a balloon tied up with yarn as the form.

abigail brown - paper mache masks - something to make at next conference?

Oh those on my kid's room! abigail brown - paper mache masks life would be awesome the day all my colleagues wear such masks at work

papier mache balloons, fake candles, hang by fishing line

hand built pottery - hanging lantern ● Helen Vaughan ● throw a closed form, punch hole with can or cut freeform hole, poke some holes in the top, great raku possibilities!

Homemade Elmers Glue. Non toxic edible... Great for toddlers... Can also be used as paper mache medium.

Non toxic edible. Can also be used as paper mache medium, but you might want to add extra half cup water just to make it get absorbed by paper more quickly.