These parachute games will keep your child busy for hours! Great for parties and playdates!

Parachute Games for Toddlers

Looking for an indoor kid activity to keep your toddler busy? These parachute game ideas are perfect for at home, preschool, daycare, and even parties. My daughter loves playing these games!

Parachute Games

Parachute Games

The smiles and laughter of the children as they delight in playing with a large, colorful parachute is testimony to how much fun parachute games are! Parachute play can be effectively combined with musical play for added enjoyment and learning.

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

Parachute basics: The hello game

The parachute is a wonderful way to introduce your students on how to work together to achieve a common goal. Today, my students played the hello game as we learned the basics of how to use a parachute

P.E. Teacher? Or you just happen to have a parachute lying around?Check out this bunch of parachute games...perfect for summer programs!

We have fond memories of the Parachute game in gym class here at Playworks. Heck, we wish we had a parachute big enough to play it in the office.

This is a collection of parachute games that can be easily played with children. MUSHROOM This is a simple exercise to get the children used to the parachute. All the children are asked to bend down and take hold of the parachute. When the leader calls ‘up’ the children lift the parachute up as high …

Parachute Game ideas - uploaded a games idea sheet to their website. Parachute games are great for all ages.

Parachute songs and games - Book of ideas for songs to use when playing with the parachute. Ideal for early years and children with SEN.

Free parachute play book - ideas for songs to use when playing with the parachute. Ideal for kindergarten and children with sensory deficits (SEN).

Parachute Songs and Games

Parachute Songs and Games

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