Meet the only detectable traces of the most exotic particles in the universe currently known to science - courtesy of CERN, Hadron collider the 16 mile-long ring that is the world's largest particle accelerator, located in Geneva, Switzerland

Images of Big Bang experiments inside particle accelerators at CERN

Electromagnetic particle shower where particle tracks (moving from bottom to top) show multiple electron-positron pairs created from the energy of a high-energy gamma ray photon produced by a neutrino collision.

Inside The World's Largest Particle Accelerator - YouTube

The Large Hadron Collider is a 27 kilometer atom smasher!

How to Design a Particle Accelerator

Watch: Particle accelerators explained in a wonderful animated short / Boing Boing


Did Thomas Pynchon Predict Parallel Universes, Mini Black Holes, and the Death of the Big Bang Theory?

When the upgraded Large Hadron Collider restarts it will be capable of energies never before achieved, potentially unveiling novel particles and opening a window on the inner workings of the universe  

Beyond the Milky Way, there could be as many as 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Here are some of the most fascinating, categorized according to their general type.

How the large hadron collider works: science. How God works: in mysterious ways.

ArtStation - The seafloor particle accelerator, Masahiro Sawada

ArtStation - The seafloor particle accelerator, Masahiro Sawada

An Introduction to Particle Accelerators

An Introduction to Particle Accelerators