I purchased this picture at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair, it should go just right in our office!!    a colourful way to remember all those cuts of beef

Detailed Cow Butcher Diagram - "Use Every Part of the Cow" cuts of beef poster. (Drywell Art on Stay)

The experts at the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association created a chart of all the different kinds of beef cuts. It’s coded by what part of the cow it comes from and includes the recommended cooking methods like grilling, broiling, stir-fry, slow cooking, roast, skillet, or skillet-to-oven.

Everything You Need To Know About Beef Cuts In One Chart

Raw Milk Fresh from the Farm This is our raw milk I just picked up at the farm today, it was in a cow yesterday - AWESOME! Can you spot the cream line? Buying raw milk is illegal in Ohio, so we actually bought part of a cow and we pay the farmers to take care of it for us. It's legal to drink raw milk from your own cow. It's called a Herd Share program. This is how we get our milk in half gallon mason jars, we have 3 shares for 3 gallons. I skim some cream to make butter, we drink it ...

Raw milk freedom fighters are awesome. Fighting to keep the right for anyone to sell and consume raw milk.

Anatomy of a bicycle, in a lovely print by Antony Oram. Pair with this illustrated vintage bike safety manual and the brief history of the p...

Anatomía en dos ruedas (I LAB YOU)

anthonyoram - Welcome to the design playground of Anthony Oram, eyes right for limited editions screen prints, eyes above for the different ranges.All designs ©Anthony Oram Oram is a member of A©IDAnthony Oram LtdCo.

IN 1999, as a writer for The American Prospect, I went into a slaughterhouse undercover, with the help of some rebellious employees. The floor was slick with the residue of blood and suet, and the air

Open the Slaughterhouses

Think you know the difference between a Porterhouse & RibEye steak? This nifty visual cow diagram shows you the beef!

Cuts of beef and how to cook it... good to know! :)

Diagram of How to Butcher a Beef Cow

This FREEBIE for teaching about the 5 parts of a friendly letter corresponds with the read aloud Click Clack Moo

This FREEBIE for teaching about the 5 parts of a friendly letter corresponds with the read aloud Click Clack Moo

Tuesday's video - Mantra Empowered Contemplation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wvydN51FEI=share=UL8wvydN51FEI

Your body doesn't need cows milk -- it is unhealthy, unethical, and a very cruel industry - Why finance cruelty? Time to get weaned!


Diagram of How to Butcher a Beef Cow


What cut of meat is from what part of a cow - chart for pork too

This full color beef cutting chart can be purchased in notebook size in our Deluxe Information Kit.

Cow themed birthday party - Karissa loves her Cow-Cow so this may be a hit!

Check out these cute “moo” details from a cow-themed party at Crafty Dog: cow cupcakes, “moo” brownies, and more. Find the post HERE, via Sara’s Party Perfect.