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Knowing exactly how much food to order for an event or meeting can be a difficult task. Even with an accurate attendee list, knowing how many catering platters will satisfy your guests isn’t easy. We partnered with world-renowned, Bi-Rite Market, to understand catering quantity guidelines and develop a simple system for calculating how much to order.

Catering Quantity Guidelines: Quantity Calculator

We partnered with Bi-Rite Catering to develop catering quantity guidelines. Use the Quantity Calculator to quickly figure out how much food to order.

Nascar Party Food

Includes: poi oh boy, barbecue it, traditional hawaiian pork, the drinks make the party, and hawaiian party food ideas.

Barbecue Party Calculator ~ Whether you're doing an informal outdoor barbecue or an evening cocktail party, here's how to calculate the perfect amount of food and drink. ~ from Food Network

Barbecue Party Calculator

Get tips on stocking your cocktail bar for a summer party with these must-have items from the pros at Food Network.

How to Stock a Cocktail Bar Infographic

Stocking a bar doesn& have to break the bank. Start with the basics, and build from there. Assess your bar supplies each season and before each planned party. In the warmer months, think beer, white wine and light spirits.

Food & Beverage Catering-How to calculate quantities to order. Planning Helper

Hotel booking policies for group sleeping rooms for meetings, events, functions.

How Many Cupcakes Per Person Calculator - calculates how many cupcakes you should serve at a party!

How Many Cupcakes Per Person Calculator - calculates how many cupcakes you should serve at a party!

The handiest guide to the tricky question - how much to serve at a party.

Plan the best dinner party ever with this guide on how much to serve

FEATURE: Once again, we have your backs. Use this cute little calculator tool to find out exactly how much food and drink you need to stock up on in order to ensure your wild night goes according to plan.

Party Menu Calculator: How Much to Serve

You’ve just decided to get your friends together and host a party. What’s the easiest way to plan your food …