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American Pop singer, actress and model Pink often stylized as P!nk was born Alecia Beth Moore on September Don't ever lose your passion or the fighter that's inside of you.

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At the dance studio I go to they add Well Wishers(messages to the performers from family) to the end of their programs, and my parents used this quote!

If you love music, you know sheet music can be expensive. Learn where to find free printable sheet music to learn and play.

Where To Find Free Printable Sheet Music

STOP DEFENDING MUSIC ED - Great article Music is integral to our lives, why is is hard to defend?benefits of music education, defending music as a great tool for raising test scores .


Music makes the world go round (24 photos)

I can't imagine my life without music. Music, singing musical theater, anything involved in the arts isn't just something i do its my life. There isn't anything else that i love more than art

Matra this is a matra because it shows what punk people are about. It's like their motto in a way. Their reasoning for what they do and why.

punk rock means freedom, liking and accepting what you want, as long as it has passion. *whispers* by fall out boy