detail footings for passive house performance... or rather, what does not happen. In mainstream 'built to code' buildings, the concrete continuously conducts thermal energy into the ground. Concrete moves heat in or out of buildings very efficiently, sort of like copper conducts electricity very efficiently. Not here; we are effectively isolating and containing the thermal energy.

Take a look at what happens when we detail footings for passive house performance. or rather, what does not happen. In mainstream 'built to code' buildings, the concrete continuously conducts.

Pop-Up House: The Affordable Passive House

Pop-Up House: The Affordable Passive House

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Passive House- waaaaay  more efficient than a LEED certified Green Building

Visual explaining the Passive House Standard. This page has specifications from the Passive House Institute of the US.

“Even when the Kirio system is not connected to the router, it’s constantly downloading information about energy usage.” —Tiffany Bowie, architect

The New Home On the Block That Uses 90 Percent Less Energy

José MandojanaIn Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, architect Tiffany Bowie built an efficient house for her father, Dave, a retired engineer. A prototype system by Kirio monitors the home’s energy use.

Brian Ferry Photographer, Dwell Magazine

Dwell Cover Story: Hudson Valley Passive House, Barn & Sauna Tower

The world's first Active House stands at the crest of an estate. Its south-facing roof is covered in solar panels and solar cells, which between them harness more than enough power to keep the occupants warm and the appliances running. In around 30 years' time, if designers have got their sums right, the excess electricity flowing from the house into Denmark's grid will have cancelled out the energy costs of building it, leaving a non-existent footprint on the earth's resources.

Zero-carbon eco home is light years ahead

Active House: A zero carbon emission house. I sure wish the article had included a floor plan and more photos.

This tilted, ecologically savvy model dwelling near Larvik, Norway, actually creates more energy than it consumes—a “plus house,” it’s called. Brought to life by the combined creative genius of the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings and design firm Snøhetta.

Completed by Snøhetta, in collaboration with ZEB (The Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings) and Optimera, ZEB Pilot House is a innovative architecture