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Early Years Role-Play - Holiday Booking Form.

A travel agency holiday booking form. Ideal to use in travel agency role-play scenarios in your school or early years setting.

A power of attorney allows one person, called the attorney-in-fact, to perform legal acts on behalf of another as it is a legal document that lets you appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. It is generally used if you ever lack the mental capacity or unable to make decisions for yourself.

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letter consent for travel minor child passport application parental form fill online printable

letter consent for travel minor child passport application parental form fill online printable

DS-11 passport form

How to get a new passport. How to fill out the application, documents you need, and common problems encountered when getting a new passport

Magic Elf Passport--Here are several printable forms to use if you have the Shelf Elf tradition going on with your family. The printables include reports to Santa from the elf and letter from Santa regarding the arrival of the elf. Lot's of cute ideas for you to do with your elf for your little ones.

Elf Passport (printable) from the North Pole. This should be expanded, to include pages for subsequent years - to make a brief journal/diary of the highlights of each Christmas. It would be a treasure in years to come.