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Put that spiralizer to good use with these new and healthy recipes using spiralized noodles. Our handy chart combines veggie noodles made from carrots, beets and other high-protein ingredients with homemade dressings, lean protein and whole vegetables.

7 Creative Combos for Spiralized Veggies

One Pot Zucchini Pasta- an easy, light and healthy meal made from summer's finest produce. Grain-free, gluten-free and it comes together in less than 20 minutes!

One Pot Zucchini Pasta

Chicken Pasta Bake | Family Basics | Jamie Oliver

Chicken, leek & pea pasta bake

With noodles made from vegetables, beans, and even fruit, these creative and super delicious... #vegetable #noodles

31 Alternative Noodle Recipes That Pasta Fanatics Will Love

This is my current favorite way to cook zucchini noodles! Zoodles or long spaghetti-like strands made from zucchini is light on the carbs and still 100% delicious (especially when they are cooked with a sauce made from tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil). We use a spiralizer, but also share our tips for how to make zucchini noodles without a spiralizer in the recipe!

Guilt-Free Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodles Pasta

This healthier Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce is a delicious way to add extra servings of vegetable to many meals, like pasta and casseroles. It is made from cauliflower, with caramelized onion and garlic giving the sauce a heavenly flavor. Recipe includes vegan and dairy free options.

Healthier Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

I recently ate a similar dish at a wedding in Italy, where it was cooked in a large, shallow dish. It has the same vibe as a Greek moussaka, but uses pasta rather than potatoes in the layering, making it more of a lasagne bake. The fresh sheets you can buy in supermarkets are very good and well worth using.

Aubergine lasagne

Simple and Easy One Hour Pull-Apart Garlic Rolls are infused with the flavors of garlic and herbs. Perfect as an appetizer or can be paired with pasta or hot soup for a complete meal. Vegan and made from scratch!!

Easy Pull-Apart Garlic Rolls

creamy mushrooms | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)  One starter for Xmas Day

Creamy mushrooms