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Al Pastor Burger with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Turn the flavors of traditional tacos al pastor into this chile-marinated Al Pastor Burger, topped with charred pineapple and roasted tomatillo salsa.

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Christian Funny Pics on

Christians Funny Pictures exists to provide you with at least one funny thing to look at each day. So need to get this for my Pastor.

A Prayer For The Pastor’s Wife --- I felt called to begin a series about the Church, the bride of Christ, His people. Unveiled Wife is dedicated to discussing topics on marriage. The ultimate marriage there will ever be is the incredible uniting of Christ [...]… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/a-prayer-for-the-pastors-wife/ #marriage #love

A Prayer For The Pastor's Wife

A Prayer For The Pastor’s Wife ---I know a couple Pastor's wives, and I'm pretty sure they would love to have this prayer said over them.

Look, she did it!  She made "fetch" happen!

German Shepherd - Strong And Loyal

GSD Puppy-Wulfi The obsession with things that can be thrown to fetch starts the minute a GSD opens their little puppy eyes.

20 ways to say thank you to your pastor  http://seedtime.com/how-to-say-thank-you-to-a-pastor-great-ways/

How to Say “Thank You” to a Pastor: 20 Great Ways

And I like the appreciation ideas because it's practical for all pastors and not geared towards just younger pastors-A.

Church Websites - The Facts! Does your church's website attract visitors or make them look for another church?

7 Social Media tactics you must master to make your blog popular

Church Websites - The Facts! Does your church's website attract visitors or make them look for another church?-Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

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Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

She's my 3 year old Australian Shepherd. We mainly compete in large dog agility, poles, and even some dock diving. We qualify for worlds almost every year and have one twice out of the three times we've been.

10 of the toughest jobs... Coast Guard helicopters are dangerous to operate but imperative for rescue.  #everydayheros

10 Of The Toughest Jobs On Earth

Coast Guard demonstrates how they conduct a search and rescue during the 2009 Sea and Sky Spectacular - Search and rescue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The pyramids were built by contracted workers and they were held in high esteem and even had their own workers unions. All of this was recorded in ancient Egyptian records. It was a dangerous job and they recorded the names of the men who died during the construction of each pyramid.

No evidence for Exodus. Nothing in the Bible is real, nothing happened, GIVE IT UP Christians & other religious people, WAKE UP!