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Need to remember this when I'm panicking about assignments #motivation #progress
Hannah blogs about how her friend judged her following her diagnosis of…
This relates to the class because our textbook is about continuing bonds and I think it is important to understand the difference between getting over someone, and accepting the passing of a loved one. In an article called Ducking Grief in the New York Times it talks about a mother who lost a child/daughter and everywhere she went it reminded her of the lost of her daughter.  The author goes to say, "They coexist within me, pleasure and sorrow, shaping who I am and how I see the world.”
Wounds have to heal. It takes time, patience, and courage, but it is the only way.
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Being alone has a power -  -
Acknowledge your mistakes and allow that knowledge to make you a stronger and better person in the future. Then you can make peace with you past and move forward
Take It One Slow Step at a Time || This is an awesome article about looking past your imperfections and striving to be your excellent self.
The Hunger Games Quotes  I actually cried when Finnick died... There were tears running down my face
This is very true.. we have the patience of a Saint but only to a point ....
Grace Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
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