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Do you think that you have no room for an apple tree? Article discussing the opportunities of growing apple trees such as the Ballerina Apple Tree -

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Best Fruits To Grow In Pots

Best fruits you can grow in pots. Perfect for patios, balconies, and for colder climates too.

10 Easy to grow fruits in containers

Top 10 Fruits You Can Grow in Containers

Building An Espalier = Living Fence - Using standard pruning techniques, you can train dwarf fruit trees to form a living wall that will enhance your yard's privacy and provide beauty and fresh produce.

How to Build a Living Fence

An espalier is a living fence created by training small trees into decorative patterns. Here& how to create an espalier in your own yard.

black shed and pergola patio area with hanging lanterns in pink and green

The REVEAL of My Back Garden Patio Makeover

With a severe lack of privacy, we decided to add a new patio and pergola, higher fencing and year round greenery to our space.

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers

How To Grow Banana In A Pot

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers Instructions 5 Easy Steps To Organic Weed Control for Beds & Borders – this is the 'secret'.

Blueberries on the patio | How to Plant and Grow Patio Fruit

How to Grow Blueberries in Containers.been meaning to get a top hat blueberry plant

Espalier fruit trees - how to grow lots of fruit in a small space

The Art of Espalier: Growing Fruit Trees in Small Spaces

Growing espalier fruit trees in the home garden is a wonderful way to grow edibles in small spaces and in decorative ways. Training and pruning fruit trees to grow along walls or fences, keeps the .