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When you're walking into class and realize you left your homework at home

So it's the end of the school year and we need to return our textbooks. This was me coming off the train to school when I realized I forgo my textbooks.

This is the UGLIEST thing I've seen today and I can't stop laughin at it. Patrick wtf

My friends all think my laugh makes me sound like I'm on drugs which is what I look like most of the time. I don't look like drugs I look like I'm on them! (Sorry u felt the need to clarify) XD ;

The Story Of Patrick And Chad

The Story Of Patrick And Chad

Also fiddles and violins are exactly the same instrument. So it's really a cello, a viola & a full and half size (for smaller ppl) violin/fiddle

I play the French horn and trumpet and this is so true. Band people don't even complain because at least your instruments LOOK DIFFERENT! Everybody thinks that the violin and the viola are the same. All of the orchestra instruments look so similar!

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