These 10 amazing patriotic tattoos are the perfect body art to celebrate the Fourth of July with.

Discover the prideful proclamation and American dream defender with the top 60 best We The People tattoo designs for men.

Ashley Horner tattoo sleeve. America!!

Tattoo artists accomplish this by using an electric powered tattoo gun that almost sounds like the drill a dentist uses.

Liberty tattoo

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Legendary Tattoos for History Buffs

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The sons of liberty are a group of prominent citizens from Boston that,have ideas of freedom that people have agreed on, about rebelling the tea tax. They are the ones that dumped all the tea in the water.

Patriotic American sleeve tattoo by Jp Alfonso

60+ Amazing Sleeve Tattoos for Men & Women

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Beautiful Military Tattoos That Show Freedom and Bravery

Beautiful Military Tattoos That Show Freedom and Bravery Whether you are a supporter of the military, a hardened veteran, or a new recruit eager to show your patriotism, Military Tattoos are an excellent way to.