I love how so many HP things have meanings outside of magic and Rowling really did some deep research

Harry Potter Facts Expecto Patronum literally translates to "I await a guardian" in Latin.

What does your Patronus mean — Patronus Analysis 023 Thestral

Patronus Analysis 023 Thestral ***Very Rare Patronus*** The second most rare patronus, only an unusual individual could produce a thestral. Thestral patronus can be seen by even those who have no been.

Fact: all animagi have patronuses that match their animal form! Meaning Rita skeeter's patronus would have been a cockroach XD

harry potter - minerva mcgonagall- this simply proves that she is the most powerful witch ever. Have you ever heard of someone producing THREE protronuses at the same time? No YIU haven't, because this woman is in fact, a badass

This thing that you would totally do:

This thing that you would totally do:

I have to disagree. If Harry effing Potter - who was  raised by such selfish, mean spirited, joyless people as the Dursleys - could find a memory sufficient to create a patronus, then Draco Malfoy, apple of his parents' eyes, could certainly manage it.

I totally agree with the fact that he probably had no happy memories at all but wouldn't it be just as terrible if he did have a few happy memories but there was just so much darkness in his life that he cant produce a patronus

Patronus Meanings

Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Pottermore Patronus

Black and White Cat: It takes you some time to thaw, but once you’ve found the right partner, you’re very warm and affectionate.

Or fan girls with one of the doctors or Sherlock or one of the three SPN boys

Mine would be either Dustin or Theresa, Andy black, Patrick stump or Payton

Fantastic Beasts 2 - you can read about this here: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/fantastic-beasts-2-newt-scamander-jk-rowling-patronus-big-spoiler-dumbledore-jude-law-johnny-depp-a7705941.html

He survived it. And they didn't have the same core wands as harry and voldy did. So give the man some credit. It better be something extremely adorable.